Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inauguration of Online Trading FX

Hi ……,

I’ve finally done it! For quite a while now, ever since I began posting in Blogger, I’ve been hankering to set up my self-hosted WP blog. Due to limitations in the past, I felt I was just getting a nibble, a taste, but was never able to enjoy the proper meal.

So here we are, i have finally done up my blog (i am still doing some touch up here and there)

In the blog, i will share much useful and interesting investment related information and links. Much of this information is actually charged by other organizations. This information availability is a dynamic process and there will be a constant stream of such goodies coming your way.

I have put plenty of thought into the structure and make-up of the blog to make it the best, but I’m only one guy and would love for your constructive input for further improvement. The whole idea of this blog is to share any trading or investments informations and most importantly to have fun without restriction.

Well I’ve built the house. But in order for this house to have a nice interior design and be well furnished and to undergo upgrading renovations and most importantly to become a vibrant home, it needs you to come and stay.

In anticipation of seeing you soon, and wishing you success,

To Your Trading Success!

Sebastian Sim